Embark on a Journey of Serene Beauty

I am captivated by the landscapes that surround us and the emotional connections we form with the places we call home. I believe that our connection to the natural
world is an essential part of what makes us human, and it is this connection that inspires my work. Mountains, fields, grass, trees, sky, and horizon are the physical
elements of space, but it's my personal associations and imagination that transform this space into a place. My memories of places I've been, the emotions I associate with them, and the sensory details I recall all contribute to the sense of place I create within my artwork. I invite you to explore my ceramics and discover the emotional connections you have to the landscapes that shape your life.


Capturing Nature's Whispered Secrets


The layering of different glazes is key to my process, as it allows me to create a rich tapestry of color and texture in my landscapes. I carefully consider the interplay between the glazes, taking into account the ways in which they will interact and change as they are fired. The chemistry of the glazes plays a significant role in determining the final outcome of each piece, and I am always experimenting with new combinations and techniques to create a sense of depth and dimension in my landscapes.