Horizon Line Ceramics is a small ceramics studio that focuses on creating beautiful plant ware for your home. Stylishly house your favorite plants with these unique plant pots, thoughtfully designed and handcrafted with the plant enthusiast in mind. 

All Horizon Line Ceramics pots are handmade by me, Aisling Colleary, in my studio in Needham, MA. 

I believe that plants are an indispensable feature of any well-designed space and the Horizon line Collection is geared to people who are as obsessed with good design as they are with their plant families.

I decided early on that Horizon Line Ceramics was going to focus on creating beautiful functional Plant pots. Horizon Line's first collection were saucerless, but I soon realized after using my pots t home that I they needed saucers. It took me a year and a half of trying to design a saucer that complemented the plant pot style before I finally arrived at my current design that incorporates the saucer into the overall design of the Plant pot. This design feature not only gives a sculptural feel to the pieces but is practical for catching excess water when watering. 

My Plant pots are designed to elevate and compliment peoples' plants.

Landscape Collection

The Landscape Collection abstractly depicts natural scenery of mountains, fields, and oceans, thereby evoking a sense of place.

Sand Dunes Collection

The Sand Dunes Collection places an emphasis on a light speckled clay body with a finish that has a casual vibe for an overall feeling of calm.

This collection comes with a variety of textured finishes on the raw clay body.


 Raw Earth Collection